I don’t have much more to say on 2020 that hasn’t already been said. All I can say is that with so much time spent inside, EDIFICE and Astro Camera are as powerful and robust as they need to be to start delivering original content. With the release of the official website and upcoming sale of some custom tools – The Locomotive hopes that 2021 is the year the world can see what 6 years of work can do with the release of Ziggurat. Following Ziggurat, the unofficially announced pilot episode for Bildo Corp will immediately begin animation production- piggybacking off the improvements made to EDIFICE through the production of Ziggurat.

More to come. Thank you.


Keenan Parry

Author Keenan Parry

Animator & digital artist. Founder of The Locomotive and developer of EDIFICE and Astro Camera.

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